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Touch for Health Level 1



THE ESSENTIAL 14 MUSCLE BLALNCE:  This is the foundation of TFH.  Using this tool you will experience positive change in your life and in the lives of the people that you touch.

 ACCURATE INDICATOR MUSCLE MONITORING - In order to use Touch for Health effectively, we must have accurate muscle monitoring/testing.  It is through the accurate 'feedback' the body gives that we find energy and muscular imbalances. You will learn how to test/monitor the muscles.

FIVE (5) FUNDAMENTAL PRE-TESTS:  Pre-test ensures you that the body is ready to give accurate muscle bio-feedback.

14 MUSCLE TESTING:  You will be introduced to the 14 Muscles their Meridians and how to test the muscles.

FIVE (5) CORRECTION METHODS FROM EASTERN AND WESTERN MANUAL THERAPY:  Once you know where to start balancing, these are essential tools you use for positive change.

CHALLENGING A CORRECTION: By challenging the correction you are discovering if it has done its job, or it needs more time or help from another correction method.

GOAL BALANCING:   Events of the past and thoughts of the future can affect our present functioning.  Not only can we 'detoxify' the past, but we can 'balance for the future' by programming a goal into the biocomputer.

THE APPLICATIONS OF TFH 1:  Auricular Exercise - Visual Inhibition - Cross Crawl for Fun - Emotional Stress Release - Surrogate Testing - Foods for Strengthening - Posture Awareness Simple Pain Techniques.





Later Event: September 30
Touch for Health Level 2